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[28 Jan 2006|06:55pm]

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[12 Aug 2004|01:31pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Because I happen to be in a good mood...Collapse )

Click la links to see the pictures...just don't eat all of my bandwidth!

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dig me being a nerd [10 Aug 2004|08:19pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

the following may appear in a future NMCC newsletter.

Werd. Go me.

This past July, from Saturday the 17th to Saturday the 24th, nineteen members of the NMCC Youth Group along with three adult leaders made the roughly-sixteen-hour trip from Madison, Connecticut to Delbarton, West Virginia. The group spent the night of the 17th at the Perry Valley Presbyterian Church in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, waking early on Sunday to complete the trip. During our stay in the cheerfully-decorated elementary school in Delbarton, the group was blessed with the opportunity to mingle with diverse members of other visiting groups, and took advantage of the situation. The other groups working with us hailed from Iowa, New York State, and Illinois.
During the day, the NMCC group was divided into work crews with members from other groups. While most groups were sent to a variety of homes to offer services as house-painters, others participated in running a Vacation Bible School for the local children. The regular evening activities included singing, worship, individual and group devotional time, and testimonies of the day’s occurrences. There was also a special activity each evening, such as a trip to a public swimming pool and attending a local church service. The week concluded with a community barbecue to thank the citizens of Delbarton for opening their homes to Youthworks. After a brief (and rather wet) detour to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, the group made its way home.
In addition to experiencing God’s love through the reactions we received from the locals of Delbarton, the group witnessed many other instances where the Lord was surely working. Disputes were quickly settled, and the group grew closer as a whole while building lasting bonds with people around the country. We would like to thank the NMCC congregation for this opportunity, as it was their open-minded generosity that made this trip possible. Thank you!!

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God's Sending a Message... [06 Aug 2004|05:56pm]

[ mood | content ]


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[06 Aug 2004|05:22pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey ya'll...

I'm not seeing any posts... And I'm trying my best to get everyone from the outside in... I've told Fred, Katie, Lauren, and some other kids from the group... If you guys can just please pass on the word because I just can go so far, that would be awesome.

And my pictures are coming in tomorrow from the retreat and the Mission Trip 2004. I'm too excited to finally see them! Yay!

Well, God Bless and Love you ALL,

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Pictures [03 Aug 2004|07:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey everyone-

Here are my pictures for the Mission Trip 2004. I stole them from Caitlin... But good news, I will be having my own by next week! (Yay!) I just brought in my camera today to Walmart... So everyone check these out, I'm sure Caitlin will JOIN THIS COMMUNITY and ADD HER PICTURES soon!

Much Love and God Bless,


Mission Trip PicturesCollapse )

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Gotta Love Yay God [01 Aug 2004|08:08pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone...

This is the GottaLoveYayGod community... It has been created by and for the North Madison Congergational Youth Group of Madison, CT.

We recently came back from a Mission Trip in Delbarton, West Virginia with Youth Works. There were seventy-five of us from different youth groups all over the United States. Out of our personal youth group, there was twenty-one... Going to Delbarton and redoing houses for needy people and taking care of children who are either abused, need attention, or are hurt in some way has brought our youth group together as a result. If you would like to catch up on some quick-reading on the Mission Trip, check out my Journal.systemmunda327) I will be posting some important pictures from the trip soon there.

If you have a Live Journal and know how to post pictures in it from Photo Bucket or a picture CD, it is greatly appreciated... Thanks..

We'll be updating quite often with the progress of our group. Keep looking back.

God Bless...



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