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Gotta Love Yay God

Hey everyone...

This is the GottaLoveYayGod community... It has been created by and for the North Madison Congergational Youth Group of Madison, CT.

We recently came back from a Mission Trip in Delbarton, West Virginia with Youth Works. There were seventy-five of us from different youth groups all over the United States. Out of our personal youth group, there was twenty-one... Going to Delbarton and redoing houses for needy people and taking care of children who are either abused, need attention, or are hurt in some way has brought our youth group together as a result. If you would like to catch up on some quick-reading on the Mission Trip, check out my Journal.systemmunda327) I will be posting some important pictures from the trip soon there.

If you have a Live Journal and know how to post pictures in it from Photo Bucket or a picture CD, it is greatly appreciated... Thanks..

We'll be updating quite often with the progress of our group. Keep looking back.

God Bless...



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