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Reach Out And Speak of God

NMCC Youth Group
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North Madison Congergational Church
(North Madison, Connecticut)


The earliest roots of the North Madison Congregational Church can be traced back to 1744. Settlers in the area petitioned for "liberty to set up the public worship of God among themselves as distinct society." By 1780 the first meetinghouse was complete, its long period of construction owed in part to the Revolution. That first meetinghouse was replaced by the single, classic colonial structure, which is the core of our present church. The cornerstone, which contains documents and papers of the time, was laid on July 4, 1837, and remains there to this day.

Our church continues to grow and change with the community. We are proud of the important place the church has had in the history of Madison, and are striving to ensure that it remains a focal point.

We have always sought to be an open and welcoming church, and we seek to accept each person for his or her own gifts. We come from diverse theological traditions and varied church backgrounds. We are Congregational in polity, meaning that all major decisions are made by the congregation or subject to congregational review, and we have two regularly-scheduled congregational meetings each year. North Madison Congregational Church is an autonomous entity, but is part of the United Church of Christ through a covenant relationship.

We serve every age group including: nursery care, church school for children ages pre-school through confirmation, active youth groups for junior and senior high students, adult study groups and fellowship. For more on our schools, please click here.

---Our Church Leadership---

Responsibility for the direction of the church and the fulfillment of its missions is shared by its pastor and those members who serve on its committees. All members of the church are welcomed and encouraged to become involved in the organizational life of the Church.

---Our Mission---

North Madison Congregational Church has special meaning in the lives of its members. More than a place for us to worship on Sunday and grow in faith through study, discussion, and sharing; and it allows us to express our commitment to the Lord's teachings by carrying out His work in our lives and in our community.

We believe God is calling us to accept Jesus Christ

as our hope, comfort, guide and example,

as we grow in faith, love and understanding,

serving Christ in our community.

Believing the church to be the body of Christ, we then become His hands: instruments through which He works. In this way, other lives outside of the church's membership have been touched, through its denominational mission programs and activities supporting refugee settlements, soup kitchens, shelters, and other humanitarian and environmental projects.

---Our Covenant and Congregational Affirmation---

We do now in the presence of God and each other confess that we believe in, and that we will love and serve, the one true God, maker and sustainer of all life.

We acknowledge Jesus, the man of Nazareth and the risen and living Christ, as the instrument of God’s work of revelation, reconciliation, and redemption.

We acknowledge and confess with thanks all that God does in our lives through the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

We covenant that we will serve God in the body of Christ, seeking to know the divine will and to live lives that will give God the glory.

We will support the universal church of Jesus Christ, and we will support North Madison Congregational Church as our chosen part of the church universal. We will support this church through our prayers, our participation in public worship, our gifts of money and service, and our care, concern, and love for each other.

We will seek to grow in love, faith, and understanding and to love and reach out, as best we can, to all of our brothers and sisters of the human race.